Hello!  I’m Sheila Ziff, owner and photographer 📷 here at Offshoots Photography. I have been shooting and editing images non-stop for the last seven years and loving every minute of it!  It’s been the most expensive, time-consuming hobby I’ve ever had and worth every dime and second I’ve spent on it. 

Over a year ago, my specific interest in portrait photography began and I haven’t looked back since, which brings me to here…to you.  So, again I say, Hello.  Glad to meet you!

I hope you’ve had some time to look around and get a feel for my photography style.  If not no worries, take your time; check the place out.  I try to keep it simple and fun, incorporating poses, but also letting things happen naturally.  It’s all about balance, as us mothers are always trying to achieve.

I’ve been married to my husband and best friend for almost 22 years, and I’m a mom to two wonderful girls, sixteen and twelve, and to two little 🐩 Poodle-shih tzu doggies.  So, needless to say, staying as serene as possible is my number one daily goal.  Ironically, I often find this peace in the same places where, at times, I seem to let it go.

When I glance over to see my daughter on the couch nodding off to sleep or when I look out onto the deck and see the other one engrossed in a novel (by my favorite author no less!), I realize it is grace-filled moments such as these that make me want to grab my camera to capture…no, collect…all those little, but oh-so-carefully gifted, vignettes.  If only we were more willing to slow down enough to notice these little gifts of the season and enjoy them more often, how much more peaceful we would be!

My goal for your portrait session is for it to be a time to slow down and encourage a few of those grace-filled moments to occur.  At the very least, I want to capture the likeness of what represents those moments for you to add to your collection. 

Furthermore, know that no matter which season of life you are currently experiencing, I will highlight that season with warmth and joy, right down to the very last shot.

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