Photo Edit of Cliff Proposal

Increasing shadows and blacks and a nicely placed crop greatly improves the look of this image. Check out the homepage for more information on photo editing services.

Image courtesy of Badger_baller.


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9 thoughts on “Photo Edit of Cliff Proposal

  1. as for under expose…i also feel the same and i usually under expose my photos. on my pixel 3 xl phone i can save in raw. though i dont as it takes up more storage space. open up your camera and open up the settings and see if you can also save in raw. with my phone i do adjust the exposer to be slightly under. i also feel in color if you under expose a bit, the colors are a bit more saturated.

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  2. I know what you mean! I prefer my regular camera over my phone too because I can take them in RAW format and recover a lot more information during post processing than on a phone image. I am under the impression that it is better to underexpose than over; that you can bring back more details when you underexpose but overexposure is more difficult to recover.

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  3. Correct. You either have to expose for one or the other and risk losing some sort of detail in the process. It’s best just to expose for a generalization and then edit later. This is the difficulty I have when taking photos with my phone as I have really no choice in how I may take the photo and have to rely upon my photo expertise or camera use expertise to get what I need and then edit later and hope for the best. It makes taking photos with my camera much more fun and interesting. Lol


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