Ethan: Where It All Began

Exactly one year ago, one of my best friends ask me to take her son, Ethan’s, senior pictures. This kid, now young man, whom I’ve known since the moment his mother exited the doctor’s office after receiving confirmation of her pregnancy with him, was going to be graduating from high school!


He is the oldest of a clan of thirteen children born amidst four separate families whose moms (one of whom is me) all met in college 20 years ago. Since then to present day, our families get together four times a year, staying weekends at one another’s homes…all 13 kids and 8 adults in one house for the WHOLE WEEKEND. But, that is a story for another time.

You can imagine how special it was for me to be able to use my time and talent for Ethan and his mom to celebrate his final year in school, and at home (as he is off to college this fall), but hopefully not his final times at our special weekend get-togethers.

Ethan lives in a small town and his family has a farm nearby, so we had some awesome backdrops, including an old barn, shed, fence, and the railroad tracks. We made sure to shoot a little before sunset so the lighting was at its best.






We had the best of both worlds, because while the country setting was beautiful, we also had some really cool, old abandon buildings to work with back in town.


After arriving at our third location (and probably like my three hundredth shot) a little comic relief was in order.  😀



We were losing light fast as the sun was almost set below the horizon when we spotted this great white brick wall across the parking lot. It was a perfect opportunity for me to make use of some negative space. One might contemplate possible interpretations of this photo of a young man getting ready to enter the adult world for the first time.


Overall, the session was a huge success! Mom was happy. I was happy. And everyone in town gushed over how gorgeous of a model Ethan is, and I am guessing that probably made him happy as well. 🙂


See more from Ethan’s senior portrait session here.

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